Govt Reg No. 213 / 2051
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SWC Regd. No. 4990/053

Janakpur Trauma Hospital

(Multispeciality Trauma Care, Rehabilitation and Training Centre)

Janakpurdham, Dhanusha


  1. Enhance the care of patients with injuries of the extremity, spine and maxillofacial regions
  2. Provide locally adapted capacity building to promote the appropriate treatment of fractures
  3. Establish a local, sustainable capacity to reduce external dependence for total fracture care
  1. To provide appropriate care and services to the injured and physically disabled people.
  2. To reduce the mortality, morbidity and disability from injury and accidents.
  3. To enhance the institutional capacity of the hospital to address the existing barriers of proper care of the injured patients.
  4. To provide suitable training to the health personnel at all levels to improve the care of the injured people (local capacity build up).