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Orthopaedic & Trauma Foundation, Nepal has signed MoU with Ministry of Health Nepal on behalf of AO Alliance Foundation, Switzerland to improve fracture care in Nepal through local capacity build up.

Since last 15 yrs this organization has been involved in this programme with support from WOC-UK. Recently, a research analysis has been published in an international journal and WOC newsletter.

  1. AOAF Course on PTC & Nonoperative Fracture Management, 18-19 Nov 2016 at Janakpur Orthopaedic Hospital, Janakpur-7(
  2. Symposium on Surgical Infection on 19 Nov 2016 at Janakpur Orthopaedic Hospital, Janakpur-7.(

This organization is involved in this programme since last 15 yrs and receiving help/support from WOC-UK, Impact-International/Nepal for organizing treatment camps at different places in the periphery of Nepal.

  1. Free MaxilloFacial Surgical Camp, on 19-20 Nov 2016 at Janakpur Orthopaedic Hospital, Janakpur-7.:>

This has been established at Lalgadh Hospital, Dhanusha, Nepal. This programme has been running on annual basis since year 2000 mainly for paramedics working at different hospitals.

on Basics of Fracture Care with support from AO Alliance Foundation, Switzerland.

Ponseti Technique for Clubfeet Management

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